Sketch Card Gallery

Below is a small sampling of official sketch cards I've done for a variety of companies to be inserted into trading card packs. It's important to note that these original pieces of art are very, very, tiny. These are not illustrations reproduced at trading card size, these are original drawings and paintings that are 2.5" wide and 3. 5" tall. I've done several hundreds of sketch cards, but I'll just show a few here. If you are an art director for a card company and would like to hire my freelance services, contact me at
If you are a collector and you're interested in commissioning me for an AP Sketch Card from an official set, I do have APs available on the official stock from several of the sets shown below. I also have my own Joshua Werner stock available for PSCs ("Personal Sketch Cards") and I can be commissioned to draw any character you'd like on that stock. Just let me know if you're interested by emailing me at Wait times vary based on my work schedule.






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