Saturday, April 4, 2015

Zombie Rush: Riot Crashes Onto the Comic Page!

Source Point Press has announced they are releasing a Zombie Rush: Riot trade paperback comic collection this April that was previously only available to read within a video game. Volume 1 collects chapters 1 through 5 of the Survivor Stories straight from the iOS App video game from the developers at Mindfrost Solutions. Compiled and edited by Joshua Werner, this collection contains a hefty amount of bonus content and behind the scenes information about the creation of the game, as well as close-up looks at its design.

“Comics have always been something I’ve been passionate about and we really wanted to give the ‘run game’ a new spin by incorporating some kind of story along with the gameplay,” says game Producer and Art Director Eric Roman. “What better way to utilize our storytelling process than with a motion comic?” The motion comic chapters, written by Roman, serve as part of the extensive unlockable content within the game, and tell the stories of the Rushers, the playable characters in the game who have to run on foot through heavily infested areas of the zombie apocalypse for their supplies.

Volume 1 features dark, gritty artwork from Joshua Werner, Tom Bacon, and Eric Roman himself, and the five chapters have been recut and edited to fit this new paperback format. “I was thrilled to take on this project, and Source Point Press was the perfect publisher to release it. It fits so nicely among their current book and comic titles,” says Werner. “Not only is it a great story that will get people excited to download the free App and play the game, but it’s a really cool thing to own for people who are already playing the game. I worked closely with the game developers while putting this together so that it could contain fascinating bonus content that looks at how the game’s characters and levels tie into the comic story, and the creative process throughout both.” The trade paperback is to be released this month on Amazon and other online retailers as well in select comic book stores.

Source Point Press is an indie publisher in Detroit, whose goal is to bring quality new creator-owned content to readers in the form of books, graphic novels, and comics; and to raise recognition of lesser-known talent. They are best known for their titles in the horror and pulp genres. More information can be found at, and
Email for inquiries or interview opportunities with the creators. 

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