Tuesday, April 28, 2015

C2E2 2015

Well I'm back from C2E2! What a blast!!!
I can't tell you all how much I enjoyed meeting you and chatting with you, thank you so much for having me out, Chicago! And a huge thanks to those who helped me pay my way out there and, of course, live, by purchasing prints, books, comics, or commissions. You're fantastic, and have my most sincere gratitude!
Now, less words and more pictures right? No problem! But first, you see this Rocket Raccoon sketch cover shown in the pics below with Rocket all annoyed while holding baby Groot, who is rocking out to Starlord's headphones? This is a sketch I did at the con, and my friend Jake purchased the sketch cover but then it was misplaced somewhere in the convention (Oh no!!!)! I need your help finding it! Did you find this missing sketch cover comic at the con or know someone who did? If so, please have the person who has the comic get ahold of me so we can get it back to its proper owner! Email me at asfallleaves@gmail.com!  Your awesomeness and honesty will be rewarded by a special package from me full of signed comic books!
Jake & I with my Rocket sketch cover
The sketch cover that is missing! Help us find it!

Some awesome Guardians of the Galaxy cosplay!

We debuted this Jack of Spades #1 variant cover at C2E2!
We also debuted Zombie Rush: Riot vol. 1!


Mortal Kombat sketch commission with Mileena & Kitana! 

Isabella from Dragon Age sketch commission!

A fun commission: Steampunk robot with a mustache!

This Scarlet Witch sketch cover is actually still available!

Miss Frizzle would totally recommend Create Your Own Comic to kids!



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