Friday, February 13, 2015

Source Point Presents

Official Press Release
New Title Announcement: Source Point Presents #1
Following the success of the Jack of Spades comic series, independent publisher Source Point Press has released their long awaited second super-hero comic book, Source Point Presents.

Issue #1 of Source Point Presents features not one, but two great tales from the mind of author Trico J. Lutkins. It also features the introduction of a brand new character, NightForce! NightForce is penciled and inked by Thad Stalmack II. “Thad blew me away with his incredible action sequences and creative panel layouts!” said Joshua Werner, letterer and editor of “Enter the NightForce,” the story that kicks off the inaugural issue of Source Point Presents.

         The second feature in SPP #1 is “The Origin of Plasmaster.” Many Jack of Spades fans will remember this reluctant villain, Plasmaster, from Jack of Spades #0. “I was really excited to learn more about this character myself and his paranormal powers,” said illustrator Joshua Werner.

“I’ve been really looking forward to this series because it gives me a chance to showcase some great heroes and villains that have been battling for years in my imagination,” said author Trico J. Lutkins.
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