Thursday, December 4, 2014

The Indie Gift Giving Guide

Looking for some unique gifts for those friends and family members that are just a little "different"? Want to get them something that they're not likely to already have or to receive as a gift from someone else? How about something that wasn't mass-produced, something that work and love was poured into, even something that was hand-made or signed by the creator? In the holiday season it can be difficult to put the time into finding something unique for every gift that you have to give. A lot of us end up in crunch-time, having to get a lot of our shopping done for several different people all in one day. To help give you some neat ideas for gifts you can purchase from indie creators, I decided to put together a little group of products all here in one place, and all of these items are available to purchase online. Simply click on the image and it will take you directly to the webstore where you can purchase it. Make sure to scroll down and look through every category I created, there's lots of gifts that cross over categories and items here for all ages! :)     

For the Comic Book Fan

The Devil & Mr. Gandhi comic book 2-pack!
Deadpool signed 11x17 print

Classic Pulp comic #1: Horror
Classic Pulp comic #2: Detectives
Wolverine 8.5x11 print
Batman signed 5x7 print
MCC Anthology Vol. 1
Dim Throat Presents comic #1

Jack of Spades comic #0
Jack of Spades comic #1

Only Human The Awakening comic #1

Beardo Vol. 1 comic strip collection
Bob Howard  comic
Signed 5x7 Hellboy print

For the Literature Lover

Illustrated Edgar Allan Poe collection
Kaiju novel
Illustrated prose & poetry chapbook

Classic-horror-style werewolf novella
11x17 signed Sherlock Holmes print
11x17 signed Moriarty print

Cannibal Fat Camp novel
Illustrated collection of heroic tales
Illustrated collection of heroic tales

For the Gamer

Signed 3D Nintendo art
Signed 11x17 print

Retrogaming Lego building kit
Crochet Gameboy clutch
Last of Us 8.5x11 Print

Resident Evil art on NES cartridge

Streetfighter Sprites

For the Pop Culture Junkie

80s 18x24 signed print
Green Ranger 11x17 print
Hoth 5x7 print

Wayne Enterprises t-shirt
Original Captain Kirk painting
Godzilla 11x17 print
Transformers signed 11x17 print

Doctor Who Ood t-shirt
Army of Darkness Keychain

For the Horror Fan

Book of vampire art
Illustrated collection of werewolf fiction
Book about filmmaker Ed Wood Jr.
Sornigrafix zombie sticker

Wolfman 11x17 signed print
Serial killer comic book

Collection of horror stories
Collection of zombie stories
Illustrated collection of zombie fiction

Indie horror film DVD
Autographed Dracula trading card
Trick 'R Treat 3D Art

For the Accessories Lover

Handmade handbag
Handmade necklace with hand-carved pendant

Handmade necklace

NES cartridge ring
Shine Bright necklace

Comic book bow-tie

For the Kids

Create Your Own Comic kit, male hero version
Create Your Own Comic kit, female hero version 

Retro scary cartoon kids t-shirt
Zombie animals children's learning book
Godzilla kids t-shirt

Custom Scrabble bow-ties
Handmade Batman
Handmade geisha doll

For the Art Lover

Art book of creatures from mythology & lore
Signed 11x17 print
Frankenstein's monster art print

Black and White art book
Raven 11x17 signed print
Tattoo art coloring book

Sculpted werewolf magnets
Signed 11x17 print
"Let's Be Frank" signed print

Signed 12x12 silk-screened print
Yosiell Lorenzo art book
10.5x13.5 signed print

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