Thursday, November 20, 2014

DeadWorld Zombie Soda

As I'm sure many fans of horror comics are aware, there has been an established zombie apocalypse epic in the comic book medium long before The Walking Dead. A story that began in the 80s and is still going to this day, DeadWorld! Well, DeadWorld has a brand new product. No, it's not hats, t-shirts, or trading cards, those DeadWorld items already exist. It's DeadWorld's very own line of premium soft drinks! And the different flavor labels on the bottles feature DeadWorld art from an impressive lineup of artists, and I was very honored to be among them.
The line of premium  sodas was kicked off with a press release party, and myself, along with some of the other artists who worked on the labels were in attendance, chatting with the storeowners and the media. I even did a couple free zombie sketches for those who were in attendance. Well here's some pics from the event and some pics of the products, take a look! If you want to help support an awesome creator-owned Michigan comicbook, please ask your store to carry the DeadWorld soda! A storeowner can inquire on how to order by visiting
Please note: Most of the photos shown here were not taken by me, they are courtesy of Caprice Brands, Dennis Barger, and Gary Reed.


This is my zombie shown here, 1 of the 4 "Walkers" featured on the "Orange Roamer" flavor.


Cases come with a comic that talks about the flavors.

I have some limited edition trading cards available of my zombie. Hit me up if you're interested in one!

The next 3 images are some of the quick free sketches I did for people at the event. 


I do have some limited edition sketch cover DeadWorld comic books available as well, like the one shown above. If anyone would like to commission me for one, you can contact me at

Here is some awesome coverage of the event from Kosmic Kasey herself, check it out! Then go visit her site at!

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  1. Lovely illustrations of The Wicker Man and i loved the Sir Christopher lee ones they are awesome.