Wednesday, September 24, 2014

GrandCon 2014

Hi everyone! While GrandCon this year certainly kept their focus on gaming and catering to gaming fans, instead of balancing gaming and comics, it doesn't mean I wasn't able to have some fun at the convention. I still had a blast chatting with both gaming and comic fans alike, and definitely enjoyed the company of my fellow artists and writers. And I hope that the comic fans that came out felt that they got their money's worth, if they took the time to browse through the comic creators in attendance they could definitely find some amazing talent. Bre and I had a booth next to the Source Point Press (ran by my good friend and partner-in-crime Trico Lutkins), which had my brand new novella "Rampant," as well as some very limited hand-made maps from the story that I was giving away with Rampant purchases. Across the room from our booths was the legendary Mark McKenna, who was an absolute pleasure to hang out with. One aisle to our left had our good friends in the Drunk on Comics Podcast and directly behind them was the Snake Oil Comics Podcast and a bunch of my fellow Michigan Comics Collective members. To our right was the incredibly skilled Jon Alderink and then Tyler and Sara Sowles of Killustration Studios. Also in attendance was Kosmic Kasey herself as well as Ryan Stegman, Dirk Manning, Seth Damoose, Jason Westlake, and many other great people. I had a couple new items with me, including the 18x24 "Halloween Party in the 80s" prints that I made from the super fun and massive commission I did for Tony from D.o.C. I spoke during a "Making Comics in Michigan" panel with some of the other MI Comics Collective guys and it turned out to be a fun and informative panel. Big thanks to all who attended it. We all had some great fun together after con hours hitting up the local watering holes as well, but I don't have any pictures from that.  But here's some great photos from the con itself, take a look! Most of these pictures are my own, but some of them I swiped from Facebook friends, so thanks to those guys!

These are the maps I gave away with the Rampant purchases at the con.

Rampant is finally here! :)

Bre (who edited Rampant) and I with Kosmic Kasey, who wrote the foreword for Rampant

Some of the MI Comics Collective & Snake Oil crew with Mark McKenna and Ryan Stegman

MCC was in the house with their brand new Anthology, definitely a "must-own" collection of great stories.

Here's the anthology, you NEED this.
Source Point Press!

Brad, BJ, & Jason at the MCC booth

Jason & Sean at the MCC booth

Steve & Joe at the MCC booth

Trico reading the coolest book ever
Everyone loves Jack of Spades! :)

We can't wait for Up the River!
Kasey & Mark

Bre being everyone's favorite con-lady. Con-lady? Hmm... Need a new name for that.

You can ask him, he won't bite. 

Dev doing a little motivational speaking before going back to live in his van down by the river.

The "Halloween Party in the 80s" sparked some great conversation and laughs

Jack of Spades doodle
Hank Steiner sketchcard I whipped up (new comic series from Killustration Studios!!!)

Star-Lord sketch I whipped up

Quick Toots Malloy sketchcard I did for Steve Sharar, from the awesome new comic series.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Halloween Party in the 80s

So I finished up a commission recently from one of my good friends over at the Drunk on Comics podcast. It took me forever, but I had a blast doing it. The challenge was to draw a Halloween party in the 1980s, with lots of 80s icons at the party, wearing costumes. It's complete now, and I'll have 18x24 prints of this available on the webstore some time next week.
So take a look! Can you name all of the famous 80s characters that are at the party? Most of them are wearing costumes of other famous 80s characters, can you name all of those as well? What other 80s items can you find at the party?

Here's a few to get you started! 

Donatello and Michaelangelo as Bill and Ted!
Dale (from Chip 'N Dale) dressed as Alvin! (That's right, a chipmunk dressed as a chipmunk!)
The "ghost with the most", Beetlejuice, doing a little Ghost-Busting!
And of course... Jack Burton just wants his truck back. ;)

MCC Anthology Release Party

Hi everyone! I thought I'd post some pictures from the Michigan Comics Collective Anthology Vol. 1 Release Party! I was there with Jeff Sornig and Trico Lutkins at the Source Point Press booth, and had a blast hanging out at Coy's Comics with all the MCC creators. Big thanks to them for having me out. :)

I had a couple sketch requests while I was there, so I did a quick sketch card of Swamp Thing, a quick sketch card of the Jack of Spades, and a quick drawing of Loki. 

Thursday, September 4, 2014


Official Press Release

Joshua Werner’s Rampant tells the Origin of Werewolves

Everything you thought you knew about werewolves is about to change...

Source Point Press has announced they will be publishing the horror novella "Rampant" by Joshua Werner, scheduled to be released in early September. Werner’s werewolf tale will kick off the beginning of Source Point’s fall releases of creator-owned books and comics, and an anthology of werewolf stories, poems, and artwork will be released soon after.

Joshua Werner is the author of The Brutality of Fact and Adoration for the Dead, as well as such popular short stories as Osiris and The Invention. After taking a hiatus to focus on his illustration work, Werner returns to the writing arena with Rampant. Set in the 18th Century Swiss Confederacy, Rampant tells the tale of a young man who stumbles upon a family’s terrible secret that will change his life forever, and will reveal lycanthropy’s true origins. “It’s a very ambitious story,” says the author, “and it dives deep into the roots of the werewolf curse, offering a brand new origin to the folklore that’s deeply embedded in our real history.”

Writer and literary critic Kasey Pierce ( spoke enthusiastically of the book in the foreword she wrote for Rampant. “Joshua Werner’s tale of tragedy, heartbreak, and bloodlust is an outstanding homage to the Gothic era of horror,” she said. “His literary descriptions created a realm that devoured my senses and left me hungry for more.”

“While this story is most definitely a werewolf tale, fans of classic horror will be interested to learn that Rampant also ties in seamlessly with Mary Shelley’s novel Frankenstein,” says author Joshua Werner. “The story takes place in a small village that lies between two of the primary locations in Frankenstein, Geneva and Ingolstadt, and takes place during the same time.” Fans of Mary Shelley’s classic can expect to find multiple nods to her tale in Rampant, “and perhaps more,” says Werner.

Accompanying the story are multiple illustrations drawn by the author, done in a style similar to woodcuts of the time period, as well as a map of the village highlighting locations pertinent to the narrative. There are also two afterwords by Werner; one discussing the story’s connection to Frankenstein and another that separates the facts and real history within the story from the fiction.

The book will be available for sale on Amazon, Storenvy, and other online retailers first, followed by select stores shortly after, and the first signing will take place at Grand-Con in Grand Rapids, MI Sept. 19th. More information can be found at,, and

For any questions or interview opportunities, please email the author at or the publisher at