Thursday, July 3, 2014

Zombie Rush: Riot

Coming out this month, from MindFrost Solutions, the iOS mobile app video game Zombie Rush: Riot! You'll be able to download this game for FREE from the app store, and I'm asking you personally to please check it out. Not only is it going to be a fun, intense game, but I'm also one of the artists who worked on the motion comic which tells the storyline in-between the levels. So please download this game, and make sure you make it to Chapter 5, where you'll see my artwork start to kick in. :)
MindFrost Solutions, and the Creative Director on this game Eric Roman will be at the Dancing Devil Comic Con this month, which is Saturday July 19th at Dancing Devil Dermagraphics on Gratiot in Marysville, MI (next-door to Subway!). This is a free mini-con where you'll get to meet some of my favorite writers and artists, and now even video game developers! So come on out from 1pm - 9pm to the Dancing Devil Comic Con, check out a free demo of Zombie Rush, meet the MindFrost team, check out the cool swag, and have a great time!
Zombie on, lovers of the undead!
- Josh

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