Thursday, July 24, 2014

Batman Day

In case you didn't know, yesterday was "Batman Day," the celebration of Batman's 75th anniversary of the exact date of his first appearance in Detective Comics #27. To celebrate, the Barnes and Noble in Saginaw Michigan held a fantastic event, and teamed up with the Michigan Comics Collective to make it even more spectacular. In addition to costume contests, free special edition reprints of Detective Comics #27, getting read books to by the Dark Knight himself, and tons of other sales and giveaways, anyone that came to the Saginaw Barnes and Noble could get FREE sketches from real comic book artists in the non-profit group, the Michigan Comics Collective.


So I took a vacation day from the full-time design gig, jumped in the car, and made sure I was at this event to take part. And I'm so glad I did. There was a huge crowd of both kids and adults excited to get sketches and talk comics. I had expected to be drawing Batman all day, but I actually received a variety of requests, including the X-Men 2 movie Nightcrawler, Green Arrow from the Arrow TV series, Black Panther, all sorts of stuff. I did a bit of variety of Batmans as well, including his very first appearance costume (with actual big bat-looking ears on mask!), Adam West Batman, and even Lego Batman.  I took photos of some of the sketches I did, so I figured I'd show them here, and I also nabbed some people's pictures of the event from FB to show you what it was like.  Note: My sketches were done very quickly, and the younger the child the quicker I did them (their attention span and patience is limited), so it's obviously not going to be my best work. But there's a couple gems in there, especially for quick free sketches. A good time was had by all, and I was very proud to be counted among such a great group of artists. A big thanks to Barnes & Noble for having me out and for hosting such a fun event. The employees at the Saginaw location were amazing, and treated the artists so well. Some of them were there all day helping out with the event on their day off! You guys absolutely rock.
If you're bummed out that you missed your chance to meet the Michigan Comics Collective artists, worry not! We do lots of events, and we'll even be back to that same Barnes and Noble in August for a Ninja Turtles event they're doing, which is sure to be AWESOME. All you have to do is keep an eye out for the event postings on and Are you holding an event for children that you'd like to see the Michigan Comics Collective at? Do you work at a children's hospital and would love to see our artists draw some superheroes to put some smiles on some faces? Contact     Ok, enough jibber jabber, on with the photos.     - J




  1. Wow. You did a lot more Batmen than I got asked to do. Spot on!

  2. OMG LEGO BATMAN!! Lego Batman was in my wedding vows, because I am awesome. I always get to be Batman because my husband is awesome :)