Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Create Your Own Comic

I recently helped make a pretty neat little product for Source Point Press. When I help run the Source Point booth at conventions it starts becoming more and more apparent that there's a serious lack of books and comics for kids at the booth. I've played a hand in helping to create several of the titles, so I usually know the appropriate age ranges, and much of the time kids will be attracted by the covers of our titles and and come over to check it out. Unfortunately, Jack of Spades is really one of the only things that comes close, and even then it's still not for all ages. After some discussions with Trico Lutkins about the excitement we both feel in getting kids into comics, and often using that as a segue into books, we simultaneously expressed disappointment in spending $4 on something a child can be done with in 15 minutes and possibly not look at again. 
Shortly after, Tric hit me up with his idea for Create Your Own Comic. Cut out all the boring work, and give a child a clear simple path to tell his or her story and draw it all out.  So that's what we did! We created a useful, bound comic with a template for the child to design their hero's costume (the comic comes in both a Male version and Female version), and then gives them an entire comic of panels already laid out to tell the origin story of their character. It even comes with a pack of crayons (you can never have too many of those, right?) and a sheet of stickers that have dialogue and though balloons, along with some fun sound fx for them to stick on pages of their choosing. Now, for the price of a comic, a child is getting an activity that boosts their creativity and confidence, as well as giving them a project they could spend several hours on, maybe even weeks. 
Hopefully this can be a tool for both fun and education, and that it reaches a wide range of ages. I know that as a kid I'd have enjoyed having this from the time I could hold a crayon right up to high school. This will be available to order soon over at sourcepointpress.storenvy.com. If your child likes to write stories and draw, I highly recommend checking it out. 
Created by two dads, kid-tested and kid-approved!

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