Thursday, May 8, 2014

Avengers X-Sanction Sketch Cover Variant

Hi everyone! Here is a sketch cover comic book I drew. One-of-a-kind original art on the sketch variant cover of Avengers X-Sanction #1! If you're not familiar with this comic, it is the first issue of a miniseries that takes place just before the Avengers vs. X-men story arc. In this story Cable has just made his way back from the future, and he doesn't have long to live. He's seen the future, post-AvX, and has decided to come back to the present to complete one mission before he dies, kill the Avengers! These issues are exciting, and if you haven't read them and wondered where Cable was during AvX, it sort of explains that a bit, and his hand in the beginning of this massive battle. And who wouldn't want to see Cable single-handedly take on Earth's Mightiest Heroes?
Anyway, back to the artwork: The front cover features Cable, with his techno-organic virus raging through his body, firing shots toward the back cover which features Captain America and the Red Hulk.
This sketch cover is available for sale at my Storenvy store:

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