Monday, October 14, 2013

Zelda's Zombie Zoo at Detroit Fanfare

I was recently a guest illustrator on a very cool and unique children's book coming out this month (debuting at Detroit Fanfare October 25th!). It's a zombie children's book, which created a little bit of a challenge in doing a tasteful illustration of something dead, rotting, and hungry for brains. In this book the character goes to a Zombie Zoo full of undead fun. Each animal is illustrated by a different artist, meaning over 25 artists worked on this one single children's book. The coolest part? This book will be available to purchase at Fanfare and the author and every single one of the artists will be there. That means you can get EVERY signature on the book! How cool is that?
Here is illustration from the book, and also some info on the book from the Detroit Fanfare website.

Making its debut at Detroit Fanfare will be a kid’s book starring Zelda as she gives a quick guide through her most unusual zoo…a zoo full of all zombie animals.  FULL COLOR, this excursion through the zombie zoo features illustrations from over 25 artists, each drawing their version of the zombiefed animals.  And to make it really special, all the creators contributing will be at Detroit Fanfare.  It’s the ultimate autograph extravaganza!  Published by Binary Publications, publishers of such fine titles at Jack Davis art books, Bettie Page, and much more. Written by Gary Reed and illustrated by Terry Pavlet.
Aimee Anderson

Steven Bjema

Chris Caldwell

Anthony Callis

Justin Castaneda

Anjie Conway

Joseph Cooper

Jim Demick

Don England

Bruce Gerlach

Jesse Hughes

Pat Jackson
Adam Klimet

Robert Knight

John Marroquin

Tony Miello

Kelly O’Hara

Bill Pulkovski

Mike Roll

Derek Rook

Jay Shimko

Jeff Sornig

Jason Strutz

Adam Talley

Josh Werner

Jason Westklake

Scott Zambelli

Zero Arts

Randy Zimmerman

Emily Zelasko

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