Monday, October 14, 2013

Joshua Werner Viceroy Space APs

Hi everyone! I have been terribly neglecting my blog, which is regrettable, but it is because I've been so busy! So busy working and doing events that I have an overwhelming amount to post about, so you will probably see a lot of new posts soon!
Before I post the last few sets of cards I've worked on, I thought I'd show people what I did for the Space AP cards from the Viceroy set. These cards follow the theme of my cards from the set, mostly being of old historical astronomers, their inventions, and also constellation map style sketches.
I had 12 AP cards, all of which were commissioned and have happy homes now, which totals to 49 Joshua Werner Space sketches in existence (in case anyone wants to update their lists).
And here are the cards, they were challenging, a couple of them extremely challenging, but I'm proud of how they turned out. Your feedback is always welcomed and appreciated, and also I love to see pictures of collectors with their cards so you can always email me pics at or post them on the facebook wall at
- J




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