Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

There's been some people asking to see all of my artwork for the recently released Adventures of Sherlock Holmes trading card set from Cult-Stuff. Well here it is!
This set has to be one of the most highly anticipated sets to come in a long time, here's the information on the set, straight from Cult-Stuff's website:
"This is one of our most anticipated products of the last 12 months, and the one we have had the most questions and information requests about. The set looks fantastic and it’s full of new art from some top creators. The set will cover the first 12 short stories and it will act as a companion to the book. For this release we decided to change things around a little, and we are reverting back to a 3 pack set. Each pack will be labelled A, B or C. Collecting one of each will ensure you complete the basic cards while all chase and premium inserts remain random. If you order 2 or 3 packs you will always get different letters.
This set has our widest variety of inserts to date. Of course you will find sketch cards and autographs (including cut signatures from Rathbone and Brett). Additionally we have artifact cards and first edition cards. These cards contain real fragments of the first ever published editions of the stories, along with images and identifiable passages. Rescued from damaged and partially destroyed vintage 1890’s copies of “The Strand” we have come up with a way to present and save parts of these fantastic stories first published more than a century ago. This will allow collectors to own an identifiable part of a real first edition. This includes passages from the first ever published short story “A Scandal in Bohemia” and many others. These are really very very cool cards.
You will find one premium insert in every pack with 1/3 of the basic set and a selection of chase cards! This set is obviously very limited and of course we will have an early order bonus card again, so for those ordering in the before the 5th of Jan you will get an exclusive card not available in packs! These new premium packs are £20.00. You will also find a list of sketch artists on this project listed below which is being updates regularly."
For this set I created the title card showing "The Mind of Sherlock Holmes", a base card for the story "The Boscombe Valley Mystery", the memorabilia card base (which the artifacts are attached to), and 25 sketch cards. You will be seeing much for Sherlock Holmes from me in the upcoming future. Enjoy! :)      - J

I designed this card to attach the memorabilia and artifacts to.
There are AP sketch cards available. If you'd like to commission me to do a Sherlock Holmes sketchcard on the official Cult-Stuff stock, please contact me (Joshua Werner) at AsFallLeaves@hotmail.com










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