Thursday, January 3, 2013


Are you a writer?
Source Point Press is currently taking open submissions for two upcoming anthologies!
The first one is a collection of short stories, poems, and black and white artwork about superheroes. Sci-fi, fantasy, noir, tights and a cape, you name it; if it's a pulp culture hero, it's appropriate for this book. Only rule is: your work must be original! Create your own characters and stories, no fanfiction. There's no particular page count required either, just make sure it falls within the general length guidelines to be considered a short story (no novellas).
This isn't like a film festival, there's no entry fee. Simply send your story or poem in a .doc file to If you're sending artwork, send it as a hi-res jpg (300dpi or larger is preferable). The deadline to submit is MARCH 15th, 2013. So get writing!
If your creation is selected to be in the book you will receive a copy of the finished anthology for free and you'll also get an "about the author/artist" page in the book where you can talk about yourself and your other projects and include links to your website, etc.

The second book Source Point is accepting submissions for is a zombie themed anthology!
Same guidelines as the superhero book, and the one rule is: you can't mention the "z" word ("zombie") anywhere in your submission! The deadline to submit is JUNE 1st, 2013. So wake up those undead brains and get those creative juices flowing!