Monday, November 12, 2012

Updates, Conventions, Artwork!

Here's a huge update on what's been going on these very busy last few weeks! Prepare yourself for a lot of photos!
First off, I had a great time at the Flint Horror Con! It was an awesome event that ran very smoothly, had a great turnout, and everyone there (fans and guests alike) had a wonderful time! Kudos to Flint Horror Con and all the volunteers involved for putting on such a cool event, I hope to be a part of it again next year! A special shout-out to some of my favorite guests at this con that I enjoyed visiting with: Brian Germain and Tom Sullivan. You guys rock!
A nice writeup about me on the Flint Horror Con website!

Some readers went home with some horrific
short stories to read :)

During the few moments of downtime I had, I prepped Zombie books
for the Detroit Fanfare Con which was only 1 week later

After Flint Horror Con came Detroit Fanfare, It was also a blast! I had a couple new things for this event that I was very excited about and they also had a great reception by the fans at Detroit Fanfare!
First was the big one, the Detroit Fanfare Exclusive Limited Edition book: J. Werner's Zombie Sketchbook! This book included over 100 of my zombie sketches and illustrations and each book was numbered (only 50 books made!), signed, and included an original sketch drawn directly on the inside front cover. The second new item available for the first time was prints of my new Deadpool piece. Everything went very well, one of the most fun convention I've ever done. Special thanks to Drunk On Comics for doing a very fun podcast interview with me and Real Detroit Weekly for the shout-out to me, that was a very nice surprise! Special shout-out to some of my favorite guest at this convention: Mark Bloodworth, Gary Reed, Jason Westlake, Ted Woods, Andrew Shirey, Adam and Comfort Love, Red Anvil Productions, and!

A pencil Thor sketch for a happy
superhero fan!
Rocking my Drunk on Comics t-shirt!

Who could pass up a photo op with the
lovely Hope Summers?
You never know what you'll see at Detroit Fanfare!

I finished the commissions for my 5 Cryptids APs and he picked up the cards at Fanfare, for those who were curious to see the final 5 "journal entries", here they are!

After Fanfare came Gauntlet Con! A first-time convention at the Gamer's Gauntlet in Clinton Township. This convention was a lot of fun! Bre decided to do some cosplay for this event, check out her awesome Domino costume! Lots of cool things happening at this convention, from video games to tabletop games to comic books to novels to music to plays (yes, theater-style plays!). It included it all! For this event I launched another brand new piece, for the first time ever prints were available of my new Avengers Vs. X-Men piece. Special shout-out to some of my favorite guests Jason Westlake, Ted Woods, and Mindfrost Solutions!


Mindfrost Solutions debuted a demo for their new game Zombie Rush! Lots of fun!

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