Monday, October 15, 2012


As many of you collectors know, the highly anticipated debut sketch card set from the Viceroy Trading Card Co., "Cryptids", has been released. I was excited to see the positive feedback my cards for this set received. All of the sketches I did for this set followed a theme. Each of my sketches is intended to be a page from the field journal of a cryptozoologist, complete with messy scribbled notes about each cryptid, and the travels of the cryptozoologist.
So I figured it's about time I put all images online for the collector's that are trying to collect these cards to reference. Below is the list of cryptids I did, numbered in the same way the journal entries are numbered on the cards. Below the list are the images.  
I would love for collectors to email me a picture of you with one of my cards if you pull one of mine (or more than one!). You can send pics to

1. Loch Ness Monster
2. Kappa
3. Tengu
4. Argopelter
5. Kelpie
6. Squonk
7. Will-O'-the-Wisp
8. Bunyip
9. Almas
10. Cherufe
11. Akkorokamui
12. Kraken
13. Naga
14. Mermaid
15. Owlman
16. Ogopogo
17. Ozark Howler
18. Man-Eating-Tree
19. Hodag
20. Mongolian Death Worm
21. Wendigo
22. Yeti
23. Sasquatch
24. Goatman
25. Mothman

As for APs: all have been spoken for!










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