Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Magic Project Slate Pool

Sorry I'm a bit late in posting this. I just wanted to share some fun snapshots from my recent trip to Las Vegas for the Magic, Project, Slate, and Pool tradeshows. You're not going to see a whole lot of pictures of clothes, I was careful of what I took pictures of, so as not to give the public too much insight into what brands are doing coming up. But I still have some fun photos of some great artwork and products. Check them out!
- J





Thursday, September 6, 2012


While recently on a business trip to Vegas I saw something very original and cool. An old cigarette vending machine was turned into a miniature artwork vending machine! You put in your money, then pick your artist of choice, and bam, instead of holding a pack of lung wreckers, you're holding a box containing a tiny piece of art. Neat-o burrito!

Shepard Fairey in the Cosmopolitan Parking Garage

While recently in Las Vegas I was staying at the Cosmopolitan and when I went to the parking garage I was astounded to see some incredible Shepard Fairey artwork along the walls! I snapped some quick cell phone pics and I thought I would share them with you here. :)
- J