Monday, July 23, 2012

John Carter Warlord of Mars Sketch Cards

I did 20 sketch cards for the soon-to-be-released Dynamite Comics Warlord of Mars trading card series from Breygent. For those unfamiliar with the character John Carter, he is the main subject of a series of science fiction novels written by Edgar Rice Burroughs, about an ex-cavalry man from the Civil War being transported to Mars, or as they call it there, Barsoom. The adventures of John Carter on Mars have been the subject of several paintings, comic books, films, and action figures ever since this historic sci-fi book series. Dynamite Comics is currently doing a fantastic comic book series based on the books, and Disney funded an enormous-budget film "John Carter" based on the book "A Princess of Mars", the debut live action film from the director of some great Pixar films, bringing these characters to life with lots of action and stunning visuals. I highly recommend the comic books as well as the Disney film. Despite its bad press about the low box office numbers, the movie was fantastic, a great introduction to the characters and the beginning of what could be a very profitable and enjoyable series of films. I still have 4 APs available for commissions, if you would like to commission me to do an official Dynamite Comics Warlord of Mars sketch card for you please contact me, Josh Werner, at, put "Warlord of Mars" in the subject line. :)











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  1. That first sketch 'lives' in Australia now - thanks for the great art! Trevor