Monday, July 9, 2012

Avengers 50th Anniversary SKETCH CARDS

For the Avengers 50th Anniversary Ultimate Trading Card Collection I did 50 sketch cards.
Some information on this incredible premium trading card set from Unstoppable Cards:
There are 2 sketch cards and 3 autograph cards in EVERY box, plus a guaranteed basic set!!! Every web order done with Unstoppable Cards will come with bonus promos and each box will also incude some great chase cards to collect. Autograph card signees inclue: Diana Rigg (both autograph cards and some ultra rare autographed sketch cards!), Patrick Macnee, Honor Blackman, Linda Thorson, Ian Ogilvy, William Gaunt, Anneke Wills, Fenella Fielding, and more! Every 25 packs of 10 cards will contain at least 5 RARE cards in every box. 3 hand signed autograph cards, all cast members, no fillers, and 2 hand drawn sketch cards. For the collectors looking to really hunt for some rare cards, there is the  a variant Diana Rigg autograph card and main cast signed sketch cards, limited to only 15 each for the entire production. This set is limited to 999 numbered boxed worldwide and will never be reprinted. a must for Avengers collectors.

I had a few challenges doing sketch cards for this set. The first was my complete lack of knowledge on The Avengers. I quickly realized being an American artist put me at a distinct disadvantage. The british Avengers television series is much less a part of pop culture in the States, and the DVDs are no longer in print, so they're either very difficult to find, or very, very expensive. But luckily the internet saved the day. After a lot of hunting I was able to watch episodes online to find good reference, and there are a lot of fan websites where I was able to read about the show and its characters.
My second challenge was the card stock. It was very glossy and slick, even my finest point markers and pens looked 3 times as thick as they were due to excessive bleeding. Unfortunately this made every card take longer, and I was under a lot of pressure due to the schedule of my work to get these done very quickly. My normal quality of sketch card work suffered as a result, and I tried several different markers and pencil techniques to get a grasp of what worked best on the card stock. Doing full color cards was almost out of the question, because the few times I tried I found that my black outlines would bleed into my flesh tones, creating awful colors that were nearly irreparable, unless I were to quickly take a towel and try to remove my markers and inks altogether, which created a horrible streak/smudge across the entire card. If I have to work on this same stock again in the future, I will be forced to paint in acrylics on the card I think, which will warp the shape of them considerably because they're not thick enough to withstand paint, or I might have to keep it to only pencils and no markers.
Luckily Unstoppable Cards is looking into this problem after hearing all the issues the artists have been having. They're spending some R&D time looking into a different card stock, more suitable and intended for artwork to be done on. If they're able to change their sketch card stock, I'm certain that all the fantastic artists who are working with them on these great sets will be able to put out even better artwork, a win-win for everyone.
One thing I learned while working on this set: It is no wonder why Europeans treasure The Avengers so much, it's a fantastic show. I highly recommend it to anyone who hasn't seen this incredible classic british tv series.

Below are all 50 of my Avengers cards, good luck finding and collecting them! :)
If you do get one of my cards in a pack, please email me a photo of you with the sketch card at Thanks!



















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