Wednesday, June 6, 2012

RMS TITANIC Commemorative Sketch Cards

Here are my sketch cards for the RMS Titanic Commemorative Trading Card Set from Cult Stuff. I've just completed them and shipped them back to the UK today, and after seeing scans I emailed today Cult Stuff has given their approval on the sketches and the permission for me to show them! :)
This was a rush job, unfortunately, I was a late addition to this set, and Cult Stuff needs to ship the product ASAP, so I completed these within a week of receiving them. I only did 20 cards for the set, but I will also be receiving some APs as well (contact me if you want to commission them!) These sketches are a bit quicker, rougher, and more gestural than I'd normally do, but I'm happy overall with them. I did a lot of research for these sketches, of both the ship's layout and structure and also the people who were on it and other things of the time period, including newspapers that hit stands after the tragedy. I included some sketches of some interesting passengers; history buffs might appreciate some of my choices. If you're not sure who someone is, I wrote some of the people's names on their sketches, so be sure to to look them up. There were many fascinating people who were aboard. I also intentionally included both 1st class, 2nd class, and 3rd class passengers (because of difficulty finding good photos of 3rd class passengers, I created a card highlighting a boarding pass with info about one of the 3rd class passengers, check it out!)
 I went for a sepia tone palette for this set to get that vintage photo look.
Let me know what you think! :)





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  1. I was lucky enough to win an ebay auction (about a year ago), getting the grand staircase (Titanic013.jpg) sketch shown here. I'm on the lookout for more of you titanic sketches. Nice work.