Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Night of the Living Dead SKETCH CARDS

 I have completed my 30 sketch cards for the Night of the Living Dead Official Movie Trading Card Series from Unstoppable Cards!  I still have some return cards that I haven't done though, so if anyone would like to commission me for those, email me at asfallleaves@hotmail.com.
Since the movie is black and white, I thought I would stick to that look, but I think sepia tones are much more interesting. So, other than the color red, I did all the cards in black and sepia tones except for one: the George. A. Romero card! That's right, I thought I'd stop doing cards from the film and do one full color of the man himself. I based the sketch off of a photo I took of him when I met him at the Sundance Film Festival where he was premiering Diary of the Dead. Hopefully he approves of this little portrait of him being in the card set. I figured it would be a fun sketch card to hunt for. :)
The sketch card stock is a bit glossy and slippery, so markers tend to bleed very badly on it (making small detail very hard to do), ink takes forever to dry and therefore gets smudged or completely wiped off when you try to erase pencil lines, and colored pencils don't give much of a range of value (and depending on the color/brand may not even work at all). So although that presented a bit of a challenge, as well as being rushed for time, I still really enjoyed getting to work on a project for one of my favorite movies, a movie that truly set the bar for every zombie film after, and some say this movie even invented zombies as we know them today. No matter what you think of the film, there's no denying its place in history. I had a lot of concepts, characters, and scenes that I wanted to draw for this set, and I actually didn't quite get to draw everything I wanted to. It was a lot of fun drawing what I did though. You'll notice I drew a lot of Karen Cooper cards. Here is why: I saw a LOT of artists on this set draw the iconic image of Karen with the hair over her eye (the one we've all seen on posters, t-shirts, and on the cover of many versions of the DVD), some artists even drew that same image more than once. Karen Cooper is such an awesome part of the film that I figured people would be exited to get a sketch of her in a pack, so I wanted to include her heavily WITHOUT drawing that image we've seen a billion times before, that every artist has done (I've even done a version of it before!).
 So hopefully you like the cards I did, feel free to leave comments, I'd love to hear your thoughts.














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