Thursday, March 29, 2012

Upcoming Sketch Card Sets featuring Joshua Werner

In sketch card news:
I've finished my cards for Vampirella and I'm currently working on 3 other upcoming sets! Be on the lookout for the Dynamite Comic's Vampirella trading card set from Breygent coming out in April. Be on the hunt for 20 of my cards mixed in the packs, and 4 of my AP cards which will most likely be hitting ebay the same day (if someone wants first dibs on my Vampirella APs email me at 

As for my upcoming sets I'll be doing 20 cards for the Avengers 50th Anniversary Ultimate Trading Card Collection from Unstoppable Cards, 50 Night of the Living Dead Official Movie Trading Card Series from Unstoppable Cards, and 20 cards for Dynamite Comic's Warlord of Mars (John Carter) from Breygent.

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