Thursday, February 9, 2012

Adoration for the Dead EBOOK

Adoration for the Dead is now available for sale as an ebook, and is offered at an exclusive discounted price here at this website. Order your ebook directly from the author here for $5, that's $1 less than ordering it from 

How to order:
Simply click the button below to pay with your debit card, credit card, or paypal account. You will be charged $5 and you will be asked what email address you'd like the book sent to (don't forget to fill that part out!). If you'd like to use a different payment method (such as cash, check, or money order) please email Joshua Werner at After ordering your Adoration for the Dead ebook, you will receive the ebook file by email from within 24 hours. Simply move the file from the email to your computer, hook up your e-reader device to your computer, and move the file to your e-reader. Then enjoy your new book! If you're using a smartphone, simply download the file to your phone from the email, and open it with the e-reader app of your choice. If the file isn't found, simply plug your phone into your computer and then move the file into that app's book folder.

File format and Supporting Platforms:
Depending on the type of e-reader device you have, certain file types may or may not work. That is why Adoration for the Dead is sent to you as a pdf. It's a very versatile filetype accepted by nearly all e-reader platforms. Here is the list of devices that Adoration for the Dead will work on: Amazon Kindle 2/DX, Amazon Kindle 3, Amazon Kindle Fire, Android devices, Apple iOS Devices, Barnes & Noble Nook, Barnes & Noble Nook Color, Bookeen Cybook Gen3/Opus, COOL-ER Classic, Foxit eSlick, Hanlin e-Reader V3, Hanvon WISEreader, iRex iLiad, Iriver Story, Kobo eReader, Nokia N900, NUUTbook 2, OLPC XO Sugar, Onyx Boox 60, Mac OS X, Windows, Pocketbook 301 Plus/302/360, Sony Reader, Viewsonic VEB612, and Windows Phone 7.

About the book:
"Adoration for the Dead is a lineup of seven twisted tales full of insanity, murder, drugs, corpses, and demonic possession. It combines brutal violence and poetic introspection, with a touch of the fantastic. Werner pays tribute to the world of comic books, classic slasher films, Edgar Allen Poe, and H.P. Lovecraft. Be seduced by the calls of despair and step into a world of disturbing sickness. J. Werner is the new master of the macabre."
This was author and illustrator Joshua Werner's second book. It was self-published in limited runs in 2006 and self-distributed across the midwest and east coast. The original copies of the book are considered to be rare. It is now once again made available through online publishers.
Horror reviewer Tim Gross gave the book 3 1/2 out of 4 stars. Gross stated "The short stories are awesomely written for the average horror fan and pack a punch to gut with every gory and horrifying ending. Demons, zombies, possession, oh my… and much more! The book actually runs like ‘Tales from the Darkside’ TV series and reminds me a lot of the ‘Creepshow’ movies of how well they just flow together seamlessly. Every story keeps you wanting more terror, more gore, and not to end!"

Don't like ebooks? Want a real physical book? No problem:
Physical copies of Adoration for the Dead can be ordered at the following website:
Often times there are special promotions where you can order the book at a discounted rate. Want to hear about these promotions? Simply "Like" the Adoration for the Dead facebook page. I am frequently posting discount codes that lower the cost of the book. :)

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