Thursday, January 12, 2012

Punk Rock!

So I've been extremely busy with jobs the last 5 months, back-to-back freelance without a break this whole time. Still have 5 jobs on the burner as of right now, but I always make sure to make a little time for bandwork. Large jobs, like fully painted album covers and such tend to get shuffled in line with the other jobs, to be tackled once all jobs that came before it are finished. But things like flyers and merch that's needed for a particular show, in a hurry, have to get done along the way, regardless of what I'm working on at the time. As long as I can scrape enough hours together.
Who needs sleep right?

Anyway, here's a handful of band items I did recently.

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  1. Hi Thanks for joining my blog! Your blog looks great! I'm not as savvy with all these bells and whistles! Hey! My friend Charles Green is driving with Mark in that crazy race! Very cool! See you around town!