Monday, January 30, 2012

Busy busy! January 2012 Updates

I've been extremely busy lately! A quick breakdown of what I've been working on:
Paintings for the ever-growing, creepy yet beautiful, intricate maze that is
If you haven't visited the site and explored all it has to offer, you're missing out. Check it out! It features a ton of my artwork and it's a lot of fun to go through. Try to see how many of the hidden items you can find!
Also, just finished up an original tattoo sleeve design for a client, purely based on my own imagination and knowledge of the client. Here's a picture of the artwork, and I'll post another picture later once they've gotten the sleeve done to see how it turned out.

I'm also working on the following sketch card projects: Avengers 50th Anniversary for Unstoppable Cards, Night of the Living Dead for Unstoppable Cards, and Vampirella for Dynamite Comics and Breygent.

There's more. Always. Lots more. Working on some band work, as usual. I'll have some stuff up for that soon. One of my designs that has been for sale for a while was purchased by a band called As Empires Decay, here's the remixed version of that design for them (picture below).
 I've finished some t-shirt designs for Be Right Over Clothing, which are being released in February. Might start working on some other lines' t-shirts as well.
Here's a peek at some of the BROC designs (t-shirt fabric, spec, and color may not be accurate to what they're printing on). There are actual photos you can view of the product at their facebook page.

I'm also working on a book titled "The Art of Joshua Werner, Volume 1" and I'm looking for people to who own a product of mine, or a piece of my artwork to send me a picture of them with that item. You could be wearing a t-shirt, holding a book or dvd, next to a painting or print, or whatever the item may be. I'd like to put these pictures in a collage at the back of the book. Please email the pictures to Thanks!
- J

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