Monday, January 23, 2012

Adoration for the Dead SALE!

Adoration for the Dead SALE!

Now until the end of January, Adoration for the Dead is 25% OFF!!! This is a very limited time sale, and a great opportunity to grab this collection of horrific stories by J. Werner. 2012 will see the big reveal of my upcoming novel, Open Casket, which has a lot of characters from, and tie-ins to, the stories in Adoration for the Dead. So if you love horror, great story-telling, and supporting independent artists and writers, order your copy of Adoration for the Dead with this 25% off online coupon code! You'll enjoy this great book, and be fully prepped to read Open Casket, the full-length novel coming out later this year. TO ORDER THE BOOK AND GET 25% OFF (between now and the end of the month), CLICK ON THE BUTTON BELOW AND TYPE IN THIS COUPON CODE DURING CHECKOUT: LULUBOOK305

Support independent publishing: Buy this e-book on Lulu.

Be sure to add the Adoration for the Dead Facebook page as well! 

In other news: My first book, The Brutality of Fact, also has a facebook page now, please add it as well!
Also, I'm starting to put together a book titled "The Art of Joshua Werner, Vol. 1" which will be available for sale later this year. I'd like to have a few pages at the end of the book that have collages of photographs of people wearing, or next to, something I created. So any product or work of art that I made or designed. If you have one of the band t-shirts I did, or a Morrow Road shirt, or a painting or print on your wall, or a book I wrote (The Brutality of FactAdoration for the Dead), or the special edition of the Schism movie DVD with my artwork on the cover, or a sketch card or drawing, or a sculpture or custom figure I made, or anything else at all, and you'd like to be in the book, please email a photo of you and the product to

Thank you so much!!! Every order makes a huge difference, and people like you keep me creating, and give me the drive to continue working hard and putting out new work, while still supporting my family. 

- J.

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