Monday, December 12, 2011

Creature Feature & NEXTtoFOREVER

For all those who didn't come out to the Creature Feature Show, you missed a great event. There was a lot of artwork available to view, from myself, Autumn Carufel, and John Middleton. To set the scene: you walk up the stairs and enter the studio to immediately be confronted with artwork ahead of you. The awesome black, white, and red ticket booth from the Zombie Ball remains there on your right. On the left is a stunning display of paintings from John Middleton, as well as paintings and photography from Autumn Carufel. Straight ahead is the beginning of a long line of paintings and prints from myself. An old retro television sits amongst the artwork. Following the art along the wall you come to a wooden record player playing the Misfits. If you were to turn completely 180 around on the opposite wall is a "shopping area". The book Adoration for the Dead was available to purchase, as well as DVDs of The Corpse Vanishes, The Brain That Wouldn't Die, and Night of the Living Dead, all with packaging design by me. The menus of those DVDs also include slideshows of some of my horror artwork. Continuing down the shopping center is a selection of horror movie magnets, as well as prints of my artwork. A large concession area was next to this where you could purchase coffee, soda, or popcorn. Free cookies were available as well. We originally had a large classic popcorn maker for the event, but in an unfortunate accident it was broken. Special thanks to John Middleton for swift action on getting us another. Now turning to your left, you could walk straight forward towards the dark half of the studio. As the light fades to dark in front of you, you arrive at a seating area, complete with a big comfortable sofa, several big cushy chairs, an ottoman or two, and small tables to set your drinks and things. A projector, two laptops, speakers, and a mess of cords sat on a table in the middle, projecting old black and white horror films onto the wall, including The Corpse Vanishes and The Brain That Wouldn't Die. The turnout was less than expected, and many who had claimed on the facebook event page that they were coming did not come at all. But there was a steady flow of people coming in and out, and I was surprised to see some people who I'd had no idea were coming. It's amazing the support I receive from my friends and family, and often from complete strangers. Overall the event was a great success, because all who came had a great time.  Special thanks to John Middleton who's connections provided us with the projector to make viewing the movies possible.
I realized afterward that I took almost no photos at all. Only one or two during setup and one or two during the actual event. I have no photos of the movie area, or of John and Autumn's section. If anyone has any pictures, please send them my way. Here are a couple photos:

As for NEXTtoFOREVER Studios, some sad news has now been posted online. Here is a quote from their facebook page:
"We want to thank Josh Werner of As Fall Leaves Illustration for the display of his amazing art work at the Creature Feature Show last night.
We would also, sadly, like to announce that NtFS will be no more as of January, due to all of it's members talking on their own personal projects. Everyone is excited for their new adventures and would like to thank everyone who made the studio what it was while it lasted!"

If anyone is interested in purchasing any art they ever saw at the studio, along with ANY furniture at a dirt cheap price, please contact us! It ALL needs to be GONE by Christmas!!

 The closing of NEXTtoFOREVER Studios is a sad moment for Port Huron. Here is an incredible studio and gallery space in the historic Fead building, with such a long history in the art community that will now go unused. But please remember the dedicated few who kept the underground art community alive in the Port Huron area. Let's wish each of them the best of luck in all their artistic endeavors. People with this sort of passion and talent will continue to grace the world with their ideas and art, we must all be sure to keep a close eye on them, I'd certainly hate to miss out on witnessing art history take place. Because it's up to us to create today's history of tomorrow. As for the community in Port Huron and Southeastern Michigan in general, let's remember to keep things moving. When great places like NEXTtoFOREVER close, it's important that more places rise to take their place. A great thank you to John Middleton and Autumn Carufel for allowing me to share in this final moment of their studio, I'm proud and honored to be a part of something so great. 

As for the Creature Feature Show, I hope to carry it on further. Their are people out there who share my passion for both retro horror films and artwork, and I fully intend to continue bringing the two together and providing opportunities for people to come and enjoy them. I have a lot more art to create, and there are a lot more films to watch. I'll let everyone know when it's time "The Creature Feature Show 2."   ;)

- J

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