Wednesday, October 26, 2011

SNAFU Album Cover Progress Shots

A lot of people really liked the album cover I did for SNAFU's "Sick as Shit". I know it's old news now and most of you have already seen it, but when clearing out some pics on my cell phone I came across a couple progress shots and I thought I'd share them with you.
After the next few jobs I'm doing now (if I survive them) I'll be starting on new cover art for SNAFU's next album, it's going to be pretty rad.

After doing some sketches to try to achieve that balance between
stylization and a recognizable likeness, I solidify the drawing in ink.

Then I start laying dark areas to start giving some appearance
depth between the logos and the band, as well as lay in the background
color. The paint you're seeing is not watercolor, it's gouache.

After working in the background I felt it best to lock down the logos and puke
and do the figures last. With gouache a lot of colors don't overlap each other
well, so there's little room for my messy style, it's better to use detail brushes
and be precise. A little definition with some fine point makers helps as well.

After some discussions with the band on their apparel and colors,
it's safe to start filling them in. Small tweaks to highlights and shadows
continue in the logos as well. 

After wrapping up the the band memebers, some overall tweaks to the light areas,
dark areas, and levels of contrast help push the composition in the direction
i wanted. A good balance between a fun painting and an iconic album cover.

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