Monday, June 27, 2011

Cool new products!

Go check out the As Fall Leaves Illustration webstore, right now!
Lots of cool new stuff! Be sure to check out the newest product: speakers!
Also, if there are any people out there as dorky as me who love the cult classic film Big Trouble in Little China, I've added a Jack Burton shirt! and I'm probably going to add a couple more soon too... Anyway, there's new products and more to come soon.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Comic conventions and tattoos

Hi everyone! I'm trying to get ready for a comic book convention in September where I'll have a table selling stuff. I'll have my usual horror paintings and prints, but I'm going to whip up a few small comic book characters as well. They'll be small ink drawings and gouache paintings that'll range in price from $20 to $50. I'm most likely only going to do a handful of characters and they'll probably all be Marvel ones.  Here's a drawing of Nightcrawler that's in progress, this one will get painted soon (sorry for the crappy cell phone pic).

I'm also going to be selling some small plaster hand-made and hand-painted comic book character magnets. Here's a Deadpool I'm working on for practice.

But I'm taking a break from working on this stuff to work on a commissioned tattoo sleeve. It's going to be a completely surreal image, and a bit creepy, with lots of different elements. I've been doing preparatory sketches the last few days, nailing down details and figuring out the composition. It should be pretty cool. I'll post progress pics and of the drawings later, and then the finished drawing, and eventually the finished tattoo.
While I work on the tattoo stuff, I want some feedback from you guys as to what characters you think I should draw/paint for the comic con. I was considering doing what's popular, but then I thought, "maybe I'll just do the stuff I like because people will be able to get the popular characters at other stands". Then I thought I'd ask for some opinions. The first person I thought of is my good buddy Steve, and secondly I thought of the world wide web. So, please, tell me, what characters would you like to see me sell at the comic con? 

Monday, June 20, 2011

Life may have sucked, but Vampirism Bites!

Hello everybody! Sorry if I've been quiet, I've been doing a variety of work lately, hoping to share some of it here with you soon. I've also started getting prepped for the Detroit Fanfare comic book convention, where I'll be a guest. More info on that coming soon. Did some more band work recently, I'll hopefully be sharing that soon too.
But right now I'd like to talk about Vampirism Bites! Vampirism Bites is a comedy vampire web series. It has some incredible characters and an incredible plot line with some surprises everyone will love. I was recently asked to join the cast for Season two as a century-old vampire named Dennis. You'll see my debut in Episode seven of Season Two. So what you should do in the meantime is catch up with the story! Go to to watch Season One! That way you'll be caught up and can watch the Season Two episodes as they come out weekly. For more on the story you can watch Season "Zero" as well, check out the website for more details!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Huge One-of-a-kind Magnet for sale!

For sale: Extra large Night of the Living Dead magnet! This is 8 1/2" x 11 1/4"! Great for a locker, toolbox, side of a car, fridge, or heck treat it like a print and put it in a frame. It's great quality with detailed art and it's one of a kind. This is a terrible cell phone photo of it but you get the idea. $13 gets you the magnet, covers shipping, plus I'll throw some little goodies in there, including a hand-drawn and signed sketch. If you live out of the country I'll have to charge a bit more for shipping. Hit me up!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Deadpool custom figure

As a gift for a friend I decided to do my first custom action figure. This Deadpool figure is 3 3/4" tall (smaller scale figure) and was made from a Spiderman 2099 figure and a Snake Eyes GI Joe figure.
These photos were taken shortly before I finished the figure. After these photos I went back and touched up all of the paint. And sadly, I didn't take any pictures of the finished project before I gave it to my friend (woops!) so you'll just have to look at these and imagine it a little bit nicer. I kind of went for a more Rob Liefeld looking DP, I wanted to deck him out with an arsenal. So he has his swords, two knives, a machine gun, and a pistol. And lots of little pouches to carry stuff. What's a Deadpool without pouches?

Here's the figures I started with. Then below you'll see some shots of him as I was painting him.