Monday, March 28, 2011

Morrow Road Production Office Open House party

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Morrow Road's Open House is a success! About 100 people attended (private invite only) the new office located at 14203 Rick Dr, in Shelby Twp. The office boasts nearly all of the film's
storyboard art, oil painting props, posters and compositions. The office utilizes a tracking, red & UV lighting theme you'd have to see for yourself as words cannot justify the experience.
Equipped with a presentation projector, killer audio system, lounge couches and conference table and chairs, all future business meetings and select celebrations will be held here. Special thanks
to Co-Producer Mark McFarland for enabling the film to set camp here.

Revealed at the Open House was Josh Werner's latest composition--which was blown up to 27" x 40" featuring Isabella the Ghost in the Woods. Extremely creepy and dark, many found it to be Josh's
best work yet. It will also be used for the cover of the new Business Plan.

Tobi Couture & Josh Werner collaborated and created a 6' by 10' mural of Morrow Road. Located at the top of the stairway leading to the office, Tobi also painted trees along the stairwell, so as you
proceed upstairs you feel like you are traveling down Morrow Road.

Available at the event was a new DVD handout containing all the film's visuals. Designed by Josh Werner, it also contained cast, crew & project info on its container sleeve, plus his latest composition.

In attendance was cast members Adam DeLucia, Robert Maples, Marlee Goldman and Brittney Moscatello. Crew members included Producer/Director Francis J. Sampier, Executive Producers Alex Greene &
Bruce Wood, Co-Producers Mark McFarland and Jeff Arwady, Storyboard Artist Josh Werner, Insurance Agent Edie Derusha, CGI Artist Hope Sampier, Creative John Gerds, PA Ryan Lauer, Assistant
Costumes Jennifer Moroschan,Story Contributor Lucas Pelz, Music Editor Dr. William Withem and Associate Producer/Graphic Designer Robbin Webb. Past fundraiser volunteers who volunteered
for this event included Brianna Sampier, Christie Dalecke, Jennifer Moroschan, Rob Showman, Hope Sampier, Jessica Arwady, Ryan Lauer & Jesse DeRue.

Also revealed at the meeting were two surprises: First, that the orchestra Morrow Road mentioned securing a couple months ago turned out to be the world's best film scoring orchestra--
the London Symphony Orchestra! This will be conducted and orchestrated by our composer Jeff Arwady. Second, 
Morrow Road has already secured initial venture capital! This means for the first time
the film has raised real capital. It has done so by means of completing a brand new business plan by Bruce Wood, Alex Greene, Mark McFarland, Jeff Arwady and Francis J. Sampier.

This new Business Plan has created Inverted House Productions, LLC which will act as venture capital--the capital needed to execute the remainder of the business plan. Once this is all secured, the
capital is used to secure the units required for Morrow Road Productions, LLC--the capital it takes to set-up, shoot, edit and sell the film. Many plans are in the works to achieve this and the venture
capital has already began. The film's new business plan calls for a summer 2012 shoot! We are all very excited!

If you are interested in seeing the film's new office and artwork on display, please contact Francis J. Sampier to make an appointment. You must be seriously interested in the film to be able to visit.

Morrow Road is open for business!

Special Thanks to Jessica Arwady, John Gerds, Mark McFarland, Francis M. Sampier, Hope Sampier, Karen Dunlap,
Amanda Rowland, Vicki Sampier, Dorothy Dellaporte & Makiko Jones for help in creating the office!!

Messed up dreams make for awesome inspiration

I had a really interesting vision in one of my dreams last night that I can’t seem to get out of my head. I’d really like to paint it, for myself. I haven’t gotten to do a personal painting in quite a while. But there’s really no time for that right now, I still have a few clients waiting on work from me. If I get a second I might do a quick sketch of it though, and maybe I’ll post it here or on the facebook to see what you guys think, and to see if if you think it’s worthy of a full color painting. If so, maybe when there’s time in the future I’ll paint it and make prints to post for sale. :)