Monday, December 12, 2011

Creature Feature & NEXTtoFOREVER

For all those who didn't come out to the Creature Feature Show, you missed a great event. There was a lot of artwork available to view, from myself, Autumn Carufel, and John Middleton. To set the scene: you walk up the stairs and enter the studio to immediately be confronted with artwork ahead of you. The awesome black, white, and red ticket booth from the Zombie Ball remains there on your right. On the left is a stunning display of paintings from John Middleton, as well as paintings and photography from Autumn Carufel. Straight ahead is the beginning of a long line of paintings and prints from myself. An old retro television sits amongst the artwork. Following the art along the wall you come to a wooden record player playing the Misfits. If you were to turn completely 180 around on the opposite wall is a "shopping area". The book Adoration for the Dead was available to purchase, as well as DVDs of The Corpse Vanishes, The Brain That Wouldn't Die, and Night of the Living Dead, all with packaging design by me. The menus of those DVDs also include slideshows of some of my horror artwork. Continuing down the shopping center is a selection of horror movie magnets, as well as prints of my artwork. A large concession area was next to this where you could purchase coffee, soda, or popcorn. Free cookies were available as well. We originally had a large classic popcorn maker for the event, but in an unfortunate accident it was broken. Special thanks to John Middleton for swift action on getting us another. Now turning to your left, you could walk straight forward towards the dark half of the studio. As the light fades to dark in front of you, you arrive at a seating area, complete with a big comfortable sofa, several big cushy chairs, an ottoman or two, and small tables to set your drinks and things. A projector, two laptops, speakers, and a mess of cords sat on a table in the middle, projecting old black and white horror films onto the wall, including The Corpse Vanishes and The Brain That Wouldn't Die. The turnout was less than expected, and many who had claimed on the facebook event page that they were coming did not come at all. But there was a steady flow of people coming in and out, and I was surprised to see some people who I'd had no idea were coming. It's amazing the support I receive from my friends and family, and often from complete strangers. Overall the event was a great success, because all who came had a great time.  Special thanks to John Middleton who's connections provided us with the projector to make viewing the movies possible.
I realized afterward that I took almost no photos at all. Only one or two during setup and one or two during the actual event. I have no photos of the movie area, or of John and Autumn's section. If anyone has any pictures, please send them my way. Here are a couple photos:

As for NEXTtoFOREVER Studios, some sad news has now been posted online. Here is a quote from their facebook page:
"We want to thank Josh Werner of As Fall Leaves Illustration for the display of his amazing art work at the Creature Feature Show last night.
We would also, sadly, like to announce that NtFS will be no more as of January, due to all of it's members talking on their own personal projects. Everyone is excited for their new adventures and would like to thank everyone who made the studio what it was while it lasted!"

If anyone is interested in purchasing any art they ever saw at the studio, along with ANY furniture at a dirt cheap price, please contact us! It ALL needs to be GONE by Christmas!!

 The closing of NEXTtoFOREVER Studios is a sad moment for Port Huron. Here is an incredible studio and gallery space in the historic Fead building, with such a long history in the art community that will now go unused. But please remember the dedicated few who kept the underground art community alive in the Port Huron area. Let's wish each of them the best of luck in all their artistic endeavors. People with this sort of passion and talent will continue to grace the world with their ideas and art, we must all be sure to keep a close eye on them, I'd certainly hate to miss out on witnessing art history take place. Because it's up to us to create today's history of tomorrow. As for the community in Port Huron and Southeastern Michigan in general, let's remember to keep things moving. When great places like NEXTtoFOREVER close, it's important that more places rise to take their place. A great thank you to John Middleton and Autumn Carufel for allowing me to share in this final moment of their studio, I'm proud and honored to be a part of something so great. 

As for the Creature Feature Show, I hope to carry it on further. Their are people out there who share my passion for both retro horror films and artwork, and I fully intend to continue bringing the two together and providing opportunities for people to come and enjoy them. I have a lot more art to create, and there are a lot more films to watch. I'll let everyone know when it's time "The Creature Feature Show 2."   ;)

- J

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

January/February Art Classes Canceled

NEXTtoFOREVER Studios and As Fall Leaves Illustration regret to inform you that ART: EXPLORING MIXED MEDIA January/February sessions have been canceled due to some previously unforeseen circumstances. 
Please continue checking here, at, and at for information on future classes being offered. 

NEXTtoFOREVER Studios and As Fall Leaves Illustration are still collaborating for The Creature Feature Show this weekend, so come on down for a fun night of horror movies and artwork! Saturday December 10th at NEXTtoFOREVER in Port Huron from 6pm - 10pm.
See you there!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Creature Feature Show! Saturday December 10th!!!

SATURDAY DECEMBER 10TH!!! At NEXTtoFOREVER Studios in Port Huron!!!
Be transported back to a time when fright awaited you through static-filled screens in black and white. A time when you awaited midnight excited to turn the knobs and bend the antenna to bring creatures and horrific characters into your living room. This is a gallery show like no other! See the artwork of Joshua Werner in a collection fitting the theme of retro horror movies! Other great artwork from John Middleton and Autumn Carufel will also be on display and for sale! There will also be special showings of the "B" movie classics "The Corpse Vanishes" and "The Brain That Wouldn't Die". Popcorn, soft drinks, and coffee will be available as well. So come on out, view some artwork, grab some popcorn, sit down, and watch some classic horror films!!! Admission to this event is FREE, but a small donation at the entrance is welcomed ($1-$5).

6pm: Doors open!
6:30pm: "The Corpse Vanishes" begins!
8pm: "The Brain that Wouldn't Die" begins!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Mixed Media Class Payment

As Fall Leaves Illustration accepts checks (please make them payable to Joshua Werner) mailed to:
51151 Central Village Rd. Apt. 11-102
New Baltimore, MI 48047

You can also send cash.

Credit Card and Debit Card payments can be made over the phone by calling (586) 855-1410.

Or, the most convenient option, you can pay using a Credit Card, Debit Card, or your Paypalaccount to pay by clicking the button below.
Simply click the button, then choose your option:

Want to just pay for the class? Pick the "Mixed Media Class $60" option.

Want to pay for the class and get the Ultra Value Art Package (instructor will buy all of your class supplies for you and bring it to you on the first day of the class? Pick the "Class & Ultra Value Art Package $105" option.

Already paid for the class and decided you now want to get the Ultra Value Art Package as well? Pick the "Ultra Value Art Package $45" option.

Mixed Media Class Options

Art: Exploring Mixed Media

Please visit this webpage for all details on this art class being offered at a great rate at NEXTtoFOREVER Studios in Port Huron. Classes are every Saturday from 10am to 1pm starting January 14th for 5 weeks. Then, the following Saturday evening will hold a gallery show where the student will be able to show (and if they'd like, sell) their artwork they created in the class!
This class is only $60!
All you have to do to register and hold your spot in the class is email Joshua Werner at and say you'd like to take the Mixed Media class! Payment options are very easy, we accept cash, check or money order by mail, credit cards and debit cards over the phone (call 586-855-1410), and credit/debit/paypal by internet!

Here's all the info you need to know about class materials: 
The following are the materials that will be necessary for the class. No name brand materials necessary. Creativity and the following tools will be all you’ll need to create incredible quality pieces of artwork in this class! Try to have all of these ready by your first class if possible.
 -  A bottle of craft glue, be sure it’s a glue capable of  gluing both paper and fabric (and not Super Glue). Sobo is a great brand for this, but any brand of craft glue will do. 
 -  2 11x14 Stretched Canvases (Please be sure these are stretched and boarded canvases, we’d like all of the canvases to be uniform size and shape for the gallery show!) 
 -  1 16x20 Stretched Canvas 
 -  White acrylic gesso, any brand will do. 
 -  At least one large area brush for applying the gesso to the canvas. 
 -  Craft brushes: cheap “do-all” brushes that we can use to apply glue and any variety of wet mediums. 
 -  Acrylic painting brushes. These are brushes that you just intend to use for acrylic paints. 
 -  At least one black fine point and one black “ultra” fine point marker. Sharpies are great, but any brand will do. 
 -  Acrylic paints: try to bring a variety of colors if you can. Any brand will do, but don’t bring “washable” paint (paints that can be washed off fabrics and upholstery, these are less likely to hold up in mixed media pieces). 
 -  Some sort of  plastic paint palette, doesn’t have to be anything fancy! 
 -  A Pair of Scissors
Some other recommended materials: Pencils, erasers, a sketch book, and just about any other art supplies you might want to bring. This is all about exploring other mediums in conjunction with paint. So: Have markers? Bring them! Have colored pencils? Bring them! The instructor will also have some supplies available for use in the classroom, just be sure to have everything on the materials list!
$45 Ultra Value Art Package:
Don’t have a lot of the materials for the class? Or just looking to get new art supplies? $45 Ultra Value Art Package! For $45 I will have all of the following materials, brand new, ready to give you on the first day of class! This will take care of your class materials, and at a discounted price (this cost is less than the total retail price of all the materials)!
 1 Bottle of Craft Glue (7.625 fl oz) 
 2 11x14 Stretched Canvases 
 1 16x20 Stretched Canvas 
 1 Container of White Acrylic Gesso (16 fl oz) 
 3 Large area Brushes 
 A Set of 25 Various Craft Brushes 
 A Set of 10 Acrylic Painting Brushes 
 A Set of 12 Acrylic Paints 
 1 Plastic Paint Palette 
 1 Black Fine Point Marker 
 1 Black Ultra Fine Point Marker 
 1 Pair of Scissors

The $45 for the Ultra Value Art Package is due January 1st, the same date as the $60 payment for the class.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

PAYMENT - We now accept Credit Cards, Debit Cards, and Paypal!

This post is all about Payment!
Need to pay Joshua Werner? Here's some easy options!

As Fall Leaves Illustration accepts checks (please make them payable to Joshua Werner) mailed to:
5268 Bart Dr.
Casco, MI

Or, the most convenient option, you can pay using a Credit Card, Debit Card, or your Paypal account to pay by clicking the button below.
Simply click the button, then put in the amount of the payment and hit "update". Then proceed to either use your Paypal account or put in your credit/debit card information.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

SNAFU Album Cover Progress Shots

A lot of people really liked the album cover I did for SNAFU's "Sick as Shit". I know it's old news now and most of you have already seen it, but when clearing out some pics on my cell phone I came across a couple progress shots and I thought I'd share them with you.
After the next few jobs I'm doing now (if I survive them) I'll be starting on new cover art for SNAFU's next album, it's going to be pretty rad.

After doing some sketches to try to achieve that balance between
stylization and a recognizable likeness, I solidify the drawing in ink.

Then I start laying dark areas to start giving some appearance
depth between the logos and the band, as well as lay in the background
color. The paint you're seeing is not watercolor, it's gouache.

After working in the background I felt it best to lock down the logos and puke
and do the figures last. With gouache a lot of colors don't overlap each other
well, so there's little room for my messy style, it's better to use detail brushes
and be precise. A little definition with some fine point makers helps as well.

After some discussions with the band on their apparel and colors,
it's safe to start filling them in. Small tweaks to highlights and shadows
continue in the logos as well. 

After wrapping up the the band memebers, some overall tweaks to the light areas,
dark areas, and levels of contrast help push the composition in the direction
i wanted. A good balance between a fun painting and an iconic album cover.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Marvel Sketch Cards Round 1

Contact me if you want to purchase any of these 1-of-a-kind sketch cards. Normal trading card size, 2.5" x 3.5". $7 each or 2 for 10. Free shipping! All cards come in protective sleeves. Buy 4 or more and get some free surprises from me as well. Free shipping, and I'll probably include a little freebie of some sort along with a rad thank you letter. Any collectors out there who want specific commissioned cards, I'm happy to do anything you'd like, contact me for details at Commissioned sketch card prices usually range from $10-$15 each.





Thursday, October 13, 2011

New Morrow Road HD Trailer

Filmed in hi-def, and available to view on the website is the new Morrow Road trailer, WINNER of the Audience Choice Awards at the Mitten Movie Project film fest (just 2 days ago)! Check it out!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Avengers TV Series Preview Sketch Cards!

Remember the classic 60s Avengers tv series? If you're European, you might! These are the preview sketch cards I did for Unstoppable Cards, gearing up for the 50th Anniversary Avengers card set where I'll be doing another ten sketch cards. Good luck getting your hands on any of these cards, they're one-of-a-kind and are likely to get spread across the globe. Hope you like my little 2.5" x 3.5" pieces of art featuring Emma Peel and John Steed!





Thursday, September 29, 2011

VB 2.7 Wider Grade of Fail

If you haven't checked out the latest episode of Vampirism Bites at be sure to watch it. A new, 100 year old vampire character was introduced in the last episode: Dennis, played by me, Joshua Werner. Episode 2.7 features lots of action and intensity, check it out! You can watch any previous episodes you might've missed on the site as well, and also on the facebook page,

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Arbiter & Master Chief

Love the Halo franchise? Ready for Halo 4???
Then you should decorate your wall with my newest painting!
Available for sale: Arbiter & Master Chief by Joshua Werner
If you're interested in purchasing the original painting it's available for sale at Dancing Devil Dermagraphics in Marysville Michigan.  Or you can purchase an 11x17 print for $10, contact me at

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Horror sketch cards!

Normal trading card size, 2.5" x 3.5". $7 each or 2 for 10. Free shipping. Buy 4 or more and get some free surprises. :)
Contact me if you'd like to buy any, or if you'd like to commission one. Commission prices vary between $10 - $15 each.

Ash, Army of Darkness
Ash, Evil Dead

Ash, Evil Dead 2
Frankenstein's Monster


Ben, Night of the Living Dead