Thursday, May 6, 2010

Harley commission finished!

It's official, I've finished the massive commission piece. For those who didn't read the earlier post, this painting is of a collage of photos that were given to me showing places he visited on his motorcycle. His arms gesture outward to show that the world is all his. You may recognize some famous landmarks. This piece provided many challenges, a big one being the composition. How do I create a composition from so many different places being included? I wanted the variety of backgrounds to have some sort of flow. After much trial and error I think I came to a decent conclusion.
There's a lot of fun little ideas I put into this painting as well. As you'll see there's a picture of him on the beach, his feet just on the edge of the water. This is to represent that he put his feet in all of the great lakes. I used real sand on the beach to give a sense of realism and texture, as well as a bit of gloss to make it look wet. The mountain range representing the badlands is a super thick texture paint made for interior wall decorations. I build it up and sculpted it to make it appear rocky. This turned out to be a bigger challenge to paint on top of then I expected, but through several layers of wet and dry brushing it turned out decent.
I hope he likes it! Tomorrow I go hunting for a frame for it. Wish me luck that I find something that complements it well and isn't too expensive!

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