Thursday, February 11, 2010

Bates Motel

Hey everyone!
So I have a Bates Motel themed bathroom... you know, from the movie Psycho. I have a sign above the toilet made out by Norman Bates welcoming you to the motel, a bloody shower curtain with the silhouette of the killer with the knife, little shampoos and soaps and a hand towel that says Bates Motel on it... etc. Anyway, I had this empty spot on the wall in there and I really wanted to put a Psycho poster up. Well, not really one that said Psycho on it, I really just wanted a "Bates Motel" poster to really tie up my theme. I couldn't really find anything I liked, so I made my own. Afterward, I put up some Bates Motel products with the artwork I did for the poster on my zazzle site ( and it got some serious attention. Lots of people liked it and have been checking out the products and getting posters for their homes and sweatshirts and stuff. So I thought I'd show the piece here as well.
If you're a fan of classic horror, come check out the zazzle site and pick something up to show off your love for the good ol' movies like this one. :)

- J

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  1. Where's the office to the motel? with the window-paned door with decorative writing and open/closed sign attached to the inside? Why does the motel start with apparently a motel room when that's definitely where the office is located??